About Me

Standing at the top of the hill I felt that oh so familiar twang of fear, anxiety and stress, I can feel it in my knees and even in my chest. I leap forward pointing the nose of my snowboard toward the jump. As I pick up speed the feeling starts to disappear and my vision narrows. It is as if someone has turned the volume down on the world. Then I am in the air, spinning and everything slows down, this feeling of escape and weightlessness is magical, I was 14 and it was my first 540.

My Mom and dad met at a ski mixer so it was inevitable that I romanticized being a professional snowboarder. But this feeling of focus and freedom is what has propelled me through my life following that jump.

I’ve volunteered to stay on a glacier with a weather window closing when the plane was too heavy to take off on in Kluane national park, I have summited mount Makushin, an active volcano on the Aleutian Island chain on my splitboard with nothing but dried potato flakes and rice after a fox stole our food. I have walked at night through wind and rain to a plane crash in Iceland. I have hiked through the Canadian Rockies with everything to survive for weeks on my back and I have crammed myself into the back of my Subaru for 3 months photographing climbers in Utah, something both my mind and lower back will not forget.

I and won a Spark R&D photo contest. I’ve photographed for clients in Ireland, Iceland, USA and Canada, shot campaigns for many brands including Sport Chek, Canadian Tire and Red Bull, and been published in magazines such as Rock and Ice, and Snowboard Canada.

I live in Calgary Canada, at the foot of the rocky mountains where I spend my time savoring every meal and making sure to do a few extra back stretches, because when you are focused in, pain and hunger fall away.

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